The internet is a growing community that has been developing at a rapid pace for decades. The growth of the platform has also meant that it has undergone many shifts, one being that it is now a great place for making money.

The internet opens doors, it allows you to contact people and places in an instant which would otherwise be impossible. This makes it a great foundation for certain businesses to prosper on. The internet is home to countless different websites which can help to fill up your pockets and keep the money rolling in regularly. 

Originally people who earnt money on the internet did this as more of a side hustle however today it is not impossible to use the internet for a full time job.

In Post-Covid America working online has become more and more popular as it is a great way of earning money without having to come into contact with other people.

There are many other perks to working online such as, being able to work from the comfort of your own home, not having to rely on transport and being able to work with employees from across the globe rather than being restricted by geographical location. 

The amount of money that you can make online is constantly growing so we have put together some ways that you may be able to make $100 a day or more. 


Investing in stocks is one of the most effective ways of making money and of investing savings. The stock market is a great thing to get involved in at any age and regardless of gender, ethnicity or educational background.

Some of the richest people in the World have made their money from buying and trading stocks.

How Can I Make $100 A Day Online

Of course, initially this can be a difficult industry to get your head around with all of their numbers, graphs and statistics however, there are some apps that you can practise trading on.

Once you have got your head around the stocks game it can be a good idea to start investing small and to gradually increase this as and when you feel confident enough to.

Not only can the stock market make you one hundred dollars but it could also make you one hundred thousand dollars. With stocks the possibilities are endless and you can earn an infinite amount of money.

Having said this, you can also experience major loss through investing in stocks as sometimes businesses can plummet for reasons that are unpredictable to an outsider. 

Buying And Selling

Buying and selling has been a good money making industry for a long time however the internet has opened up many new opportunities within this. In 1994 & 1995 Amazon and Ebay were founded, these are some of the biggest buying and selling sites in the World.

Over the past 27 years they have grown and grown and the emergence of social media has also led to more places for people to engage in buying and selling.

For instance, Facebook was founded in 2004 and allows a great place for people across the World to connect, in just 2015 Facebook created Facebook groups which allowed people to create groups for any purpose.

Many people created groups in order to buy and sell specific products, the popularity of this led to the release of Facebook Marketplace in 2016 which allows people to post their items for sale and allows other people to search for products that they want to buy second-hand.

Facebook Marketplace has proved a huge success and is a great place to earn money. There are other sites that you can use to make money buying and selling and regardless of which you choose to use there are ways for you to earn over $100 a day.

Tutoring- Over recent years online tutoring has grown and grown in popularity. Tutors help students of all ages in all subjects.

Some of the most common areas of tutoring are English and math for school aged children however people use tutors for all sorts of things from learning to play an instrument, to learning a second language, to learning to bake.

Whatever your niche skill set is tutoring could be a good way of putting it to use. Tutoring can be a great way of earning money but can also be very rewarding. Some people opt to do tutoring alongside a full time job and for others it becomes a career, the degree you want to do tutoring to is completely up to you.

There are many ways to advertise such as on social media, on flyers or on specific tutoring websites. The pay for tutoring varies hugely but usually ranges between $30 and $60. Other positives of this option are that there is no start up cost or risk of losing money involved. 

Writing- Writing is a very old industry however it has changed many times since the feather and ink days.

In today’s society many writers make a living online. Some writers are employed and salaried whereas others work on a self-employed or freelance basis giving them more choice over their work and schedules.

Writers work in a variety of different businesses and that work can vary from writing articles, to instructions, to recipes, to blogs, to social media posts. Writer’s salaries can vary massively but they can easily earn over $100 a day.

Some writers are paid per hour and others are paid a set rate depending on the amount of words that they write for instance, some companies may offer to pay writers $15 per thousand words. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many different ways to earn $100 a day online and it is most certainly not an unrealistic goal. Above we have covered four of the most popular ways of earning decent amounts of money online; however, this is nowhere near an exhaustive list and there are in fact thousands of other ways of doing so.

To decide which way is best for you it is a good idea to first consider your skillset as well as what equipment you have and how much time you can put into your new way of earning.

Finally, it is important to remember that you can change jobs at any time and you should never work in an industry that leaves you feeling unsatisfied. 

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