Get Paid To Store Things

Earn $1000s Per Year Renting Out Space You Don’t Use To Neighbors Who Need to Store Items or Vehicles.

Side hustles are becoming more popular. If you’re looking to start a side hustle in 2022 but are nervous about the commitment, consider renting out assets that you already own including your garage, basement and/or storage closet.
There is little to no financial investment involved ― since you already pay for the space ― and you can charge a price that helps you cover the expense.
Getting started is easy.  Check out for example. This site is like the Airbnb for storage.  It let’s you list a wide range of storage spaces for others to rent including small areas, like a handy closet, or bigger places like a garage where neighbors can store their RV or car.
You can earn a good monthly passive income depending on the size and location of the space you rent.  However, understand the risks, financial and legal, before you proceed. Check with your homeowners, renters and/or umbrella policy to see what is covered if an accident were to occur while the owner or stored goods were on your property.
Use your best judgement before accepting a final offer.  That being said, finding a worthwhile transaction could provide $100s if not $1000s per year with little effort.


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