If you have ever been unemployed at some point in your life, then you have probably found yourself doing an internet search for “how to make money easily online”. Often survey sites come up as an option. But how do you know if an online survey site is legit?  How do you protect yourself from scams?  How do you know if a survey company really pays the rewards you’ve earned?

How Do You Know If An Online Survey Site Is Legit?

If you really want to make money through online surveys, then it is very important that you sign up for a website that is actually legitimate. The list of online sites that offer paid surveys is seemingly endless, and this can make it difficult to know the difference between a legit website and a dodgy website.

So, how do you know if an online survey site is legit?

Here are some of the main criteria to look for:

  • No promises for large payouts (unless its a specialty survey or focus group). 
  • No sensitive information will be required (such as SSN). 
  • The website will have a privacy policy. 
  • No payment is required to sign up for the site. 
  • Rewards are clearly outlined throughout. 
  • There is a way to contact or get support. from the company. 

As well as these criteria, it is also best to check out review websites or social media in relation to the survey sites that you are looking to participate in.  Sometimes the comments from others in the community is the best way to know if a site is for real.

How Often Do Legitimate Survey Sites Send You Surveys?

Not all people qualify for all surveys.  As such, there may not be a survey be available every day for everyone.  Survey companies should use the information you provided to send you relevant ones for you to participate in so that you qualify for most of the ones you receive.  It is important to provide basic demographic details and any additional information you feel comfortable sharing so that the survey company can send you the best ones for you.

Most legitimate survey sites do NOT send you surveys every day.  That is because they may not have a project available for you.  To maximize the benefit of taking online surveys, you may want to join many panel companies so that you qualify for as many opportunities as possible.  In this way, you may in fact get multiple surveys a day and have a few ways to earn regularly.

Rewards are often in the form of a gift card or PayPal, and you need a minimum earned for each site to “cash out”.  As such, you want to focus on participating in the best panel companies first – so you can earn gifts faster.

Finally, look out for the types of “surveys” they send.  The surveys should be from legitimate market research companies and panels, not scammy promotions.  If you get suspicious offers, opt out of the survey site right away. Legitimate companies send emails with easy unsubscribe actions.  You should be able to opt-out at any time from receiving future communication via the email and/or site login or dashboard.

Do Online Survey Jobs Really Pay? (Best Paid)



Legit online survey jobs do really pay out.  Be sure to qualify them to ensure they are meeting your standards and growing the relationship.  If they make you feel uncomfortable, then unsubscribe.  Make sure you are confident that your time is well spent and that your data is not being abused.  Surveys can be fun and an extra source of money if you work with the right companies. 

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